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Interface CurrentPositionRequest

Options provided to getCurrentPosition.

let location = await BackgroundGeolocation.getCurrentPosition({
  timeout: 30,          // 30 second timeout to fetch location
  persist: true,        // Defaults to state.enabled
  maximumAge: 5000,     // Accept the last-known-location if not older than 5000 ms.
  desiredAccuracy: 10,  // Try to fetch a location with an accuracy of `10` meters.
  samples: 3,           // How many location samples to attempt.
  extras: {             // Custom meta-data.
    "route_id": 123


  • CurrentPositionRequest



Optional desiredAccuracy

desiredAccuracy: number

Sets the desired accuracy of location you're attempting to fetch. When a location having accuracy <= desiredAccuracy is retrieved, the plugin will stop sampling and immediately return that location. Defaults to your configured Config.stationaryRadius.

Optional extras

extras: Extras

Optional meta-data to attach to the location. These extras will be merged to the configured Config.extras and persisted / POSTed to your server (if you've configured a Config.url.

Optional maximumAge

maximumAge: number

Accept the last-recorded-location if no older than supplied value in milliseconds. Default is 0.

Optional persist

persist: boolean

Defaults to true when plugin is enabled; false, otherwise. Set false to disable persisting the retrieved Location in the plugin's SQLite database.

Optional samples

samples: number

Sets the maximum number of location-samples to fetch before returning the best possible location to your callback. Default is 3. Only the final Location will be persisted.

Optional timeout

timeout: number

Location-timeout in seconds. Default: 30. If the timeout expires before a Location is retrieved, a LocationError will fire.

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